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Tap on the Settings button on the bottom right hand corner. But if you dont mind this, follow the steps below to use file explorer: Now, youve successfully transferred media files from iPhone to computer. You can view iPhone photos on your PC, as long as theyre not in HEIC format, which cant be natively read by Windows or even Android systems. This will allow you to backup the contents of your iPhone to your computer. Now launch WhatsApp. No matter whether WhatsApp images are saved automatically or manually, after a period of time, piles of WhatsApp photos of various types - funny, cool, cute, romantic, creative, private or so might fill your iPhone up with many other photos. WhatsApp will load for a second (which is when it creates the text file) then give you different options for exporting the file. With these methods, not only can we free up space, but we can also ensure that the photos we have are always kept safe.

Load target video for shrinking; step 3. UltFone iOS Data Manager has many features including: Since you know you cant backup WhatsApp Photos to Google Photos on iPhone anymore, here is how you can use UltFone iOS Data Manager to get the job done: Step 1Download the UltFone iOS Data Manager tool on your computer, and launch the app once the download is complete. This site uses cookies. Windows and Android systems cant natively open this format, so if, If you have a secured lock screen, you have to, After your phone is unlocked, you will see all the media files on your iPhone. Just as you can upload individual chat boxes to the cloud, you can also send them through email. It is easy for your Google Photos app to become full with photos and videos that are of no use to you, and in order to free up Google Photos storage space it can be a long, tedious task to search and delete WhatsApp Photos one by one. This update may take effect some day though its not confirmed yet. Did you like this article? Its full of features that we use daily, for example, to send pictures, videos, and other media files. There are a couple of different options and one includes WhatsAppusers backing up their data automatically utilizing a set period of time. Obviously, Whatsapp supports sharing video online. 3. Just keep in mind that you cant restore messages that you back up as a file, so if you delete the app or those chats, youll only ever be able to view these chats as a text file. Another cool thing that you may want to know sometimes is if other WhatsApp users have read group messages. Mac devices feature a built-in Image Capture that automates the photo transferring process between Apple devices. This method can be used to upload the entire conversation, including chat history, media files, and even stickers. Best of all, it's free. You may also be worried about accidentally losing your files, something that a secure backup can easily remedy. Navigate to WhatsApp, select all or partial WhatsAppp photos you plan to copy into computer. All data that has been shared with your iCloud account except for videos that have been sent or received as of now in the backup. Select Device Backup & Restore. In this way, you can manually save any WhatsApp received picture by tapping it and choosing "Save Image". This will save all of that conversations chats, media, and stickers to the cloud. Step 1. You may have seen or heard that the Google Photos app will not be automatically backing up photos from messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook messenger moving forward. The emails containing the uploaded files can be downloaded and read on both Mac or Windows. There are many reasons why you may want to transfer WhatsApp media from iPhone to PC or Mac. Next, youre going to need to designate a place on your Mac for the captured images. Outside the tech, she is a songwriter and loves hip-hop. You can also fix any iOS system issues without the fear of losing data. 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The 50GB option is the sweet spot for making such backups, but 200GB ensures that you never run out of storage again. After file exporting, you can also clear the cache to guard your privacy. Before we begin, its important to note that Ill be using PC throughout this article to refer to laptops or desktops running Windows OS. You may want to know if a message has been read by everyone in the chat or if specific people in the group chat have read it. Navigate to Settings > iCloud, tap on your Apple ID for iCloud, scroll down and enable iCloud Drive. NEW! sindi dlathu Select WhatsApp & Attachments and click on Backup. If you had any questions regarding Google Photos and the backup process, keep on reading to know more. When it comes to creating backups of your precious data on your computer, UltFone iOS Data Manager is the best tool to use as it will get the job done in no time, without any data loss or harm to your computer. First, go to the chat that you want to export and tap on the other persons name or phone number at the top of the screen. Luckily, you can easily transfer WhatsApp media to your computer or laptop by hooking up your iPhone to PC or Mac, uploading the conversation to iCloud Drive, or exporting them via email. WhatsApp gradually established its dominance in messaging platform, along with gorgeous features of video calling and file sharing including videos and photos. If you have many media files, you may not be able to transfer or backup them all. From here, pick, When the media files have been uploaded to your iCloud account, you can. WinX MediaTrans stands out from countless iPhone managers for its high stability, security, flexibility and strong support of new HEICs, ensuring the safety of WhatsApp photos and other content at 100% percent during the transferring process, with no data missing. Some posts on may contain affiliate links. Right to transfer WhatsAppp photos to PC from iPhone. Click on Data and Storage Usage, select Photos and check WiFi. Transfer/Convert 4K videos, sync music between iPhone and PC. This can be done by saving the videos locally and syncing the videos on your iPhone or iPad with iTunes. Step 2Connect your iOS device to your computer and head over to the Backup & Restore tab. An example of this would be to backup WhatsApp messages and photos in case you have to reset your Apple device or delete WhatsApp by mistake. Transfer tons of (HEIC) photos from iPhone XS/XR/8 to PC in a flash. Step 3. Support encrypting private WhatsApp Photos with password. Thats it! Step 2. Copyright 2022 UltFone All Rights Reserved. Here is how you can find and remove WhatsApp Photos from Google Photos: 1. Its important to note that for WhatsApp users that sinceWhatsApp does not save videos in backups, youll need to save the videos in a different way. If you're trying to transfer WhatsApp videos from iPhone to computer (PC) for a backup, 3 ways introduced here are definitely helpful. Even though this is a pain point for many users, the best solution is to use UltFone iOS Data Manager as it will allow you to select and preview images of apps you want to save and create backup on your computer. There is no way for you to separate WhatsApp images from other photos stored on your Google Photos app. The backup you made using the steps above will be stored in your iCloud account. The following is a step-by-step guide for WhatsApp users to learn how to backup and restore chat messages and photos in WhatsApp. For newer iPhone models, the default format is HEIC.

First off, we should make it clear that all WhatsApp photos and videos are auto-downloaded into iPhone's Photo app (camera roll). How to Backup And Restore WhatsApp Chat Messages and Photos on iPhone And iPad, Its always a good ideato back up the information on your iPhone or iPad just in case something goes wrong. WinX MediaTrans is able to arrange the photos in smaller thumbnail or medium size by day, month or year. You need to physically hook up your iPhone to the PC, so it may be hard to do it on the go, especially if you dont have the right cable or adapter. Before you head out, be sure to check out the following: Subscribe to get an everyday digest of the latest technology news in your inbox. Now your WhatsApp images will automatically be backed up to your Google Photos app. Connect your iPhone to PC via genuine Apple USB cable, and open WinX MediaTrans to have the software access to your iPhone successfully. Step 3On the next screen, you will find the option to select whatever file you want to backup onto your computer. Posted by Estrella H. - Jan 5, 2022 | You want to backup WhatsApp data to a safe location, that's what you want to do. Your Mac also has a built-in file explorer, and while you can use that to manually cut and paste the files just like in the previous method, theres a much easier way to do it. Click "Photo Transfer" item on the main interface to pup up a bigger "Photo Transfer" window. Step 4Please wait while the selected files are being backed up. And that is all! However, WhatsApp Photos are usually stored in the format: IMG-[Sequence]-WA***.jpg so a quick hack would be to search for all images and videos with the WA in the name. Now, in this case you may be wondering how can you backup your WhatsApp Photos without Google Photos? If you also want to password protect many other photos stored on computer, WinX empowers you to do so with "Encrypt File" feature. Recommended: How to Change Phone Number Linked to WhatsApp Account. This method doesnt require you to plug your iPhone into a computer, so you can do it from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. in accordance with our, Restore WhatsApp from Google Drive to iPhone, How to Back up WhatsApp Photos to Google Photos on iPhone, Back up WhatsApp Photos without Google Photos through UltFone iOS Data Manager, People Also Ask about Backing up WhatsApp Photos to Google Photos, How to Backup WhatsApp on iPhone without iCloud/WiFi, How to Transfer WhatsApp Photos from iPhone to PC, How to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android. Open the Google Photos app and type WA in the search bar. Hopefully you found this process easy to follow to get the task done. However, with UltFone iOS Data Manager you can easily create WhatsApp backup and store it on your computer and then restore at any time. The latest WhatsApp software update has the ability for users to now directly backup information from the app without having to manually transfer anything. Download and install WinX Video Converter; step 2. Another method would also be foryou to upload the videos to either iCloud or another cloud storage service company like Dropbox. Home How To How To Transfer WhatsApp Media From iPhone To PC Or Mac: Use These 4 Ways. If you have all your info backed up, it wont be a problem to restore and reinstall WhatsApp without losing any data that was on the app. Well the answer is simple: by using UltFone iOS Data Manager tool that will create a safe and secure backup of all your data on your computer. Select Device Folders, and click on WhatsApp Images. Step 3. Now click on View Backup Data to preview and select images and videos you want to store on your computer. The app sends messages in a snap, allows users to share photos, videos, location data and even memes. For instance, if you use WhatsApp often, youve probably already accumulated a lot of photos over time. Start compressing. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail.

Contact Author. These may cause you to run out of storage. Even the Telegram founder says Whatsapp is consistently being used as a Trojan horse to spy on their users' non-WhatsApp content instead of protect users messages. Mac, of course, will refer to any macOS system. To view them, you need third-party programs, or you need to convert the format to a readable one like JPG or PNG first. The process isnt that hard to follow, and with a few tools well be mentioning shortly you can transfer photos from WhatsApp to Google Photos in no time without any hiccup. If you ever feel paranoid that your data might be at risk, then just manually go ahead and backup WhatsApp at your own convenience. You can also backup your media by directly transferring your WhatsApp conversations to iCloud. Stay up-to-date with our news, updates, guides. 3. Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista (32 & 64 bit). Long press or individually select all images and videos you want to remove, and drag the cursor till all files are selected. iPhone Step 1. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This is ideal if you just want to back up your WhatsApp media but dont actually want to delete them. The only thing you need to do is to check "Export with encryption" option before exporting. Lets you restore the backups made to your iPhone or transfer data to a new iOS or Android device. Step 5When the backup is complete you will be notified. Mobile However, if youre looking to know how to backup WhatsApp Photos without Google Photos app, weve got you covered in the next part of the article. Step 4. Now, follow these steps to get the process started: 1. It's absolutely free on the App Store. The only issue is that after deleting, they will all appear blurry and cannot be re-downloaded unless the contact transmit them to you again. However, you can quickly free up some space by transferring these media from iPhone to PC or Mac or transferring through iCloud Drive or email. Net Nanny Vs Covenant Eyes: Whats The Difference? First of all make sure you have iCloud Drive enabled. If you want to save your WhatsApp chats as a text file that you can email, keep on your computer, or store on a flash drive, you can follow the steps below. If you choose Copy, the images wont be deleted from the iPhone. Here turn the Backup and Sync toggle bar on. How to compress video for Whatsapp without losing quality: step 1. There are several ways to transfer WhatsApp photos and other media files to your desktop or laptop. But keep in mind, if you are using the free tier of iCloud storage, which is only a measly 5GB, then you will burn through your storage space rather quickly therefore you might want to invest in at least 50GB of space if you want backups to run smoothly every time. Click blue "Export" button on the top left to transfer WhatsApp photos from iPhone to PC at fast speed. In this article, Ill discuss how to transfer WhatsApp media from iPhone to PC and Mac so that you can regain space and keep a safe backup of your files at the same time. How To Transfer WhatsApp Media From iPhone To PC Or Mac: Use These 4 Ways, 4 Ways To Transfer WhatsApp Media From iPhone To PC Or Mac, Using File Explorer To Transfer From iPhone To PC, Using Image Capture To Transfer From iPhone To Mac, Using iCloud Drive To Transfer WhatsApp Photos, Thats How To Transfer WhatsApp Media From iPhone To PC Or Mac.

WinX MediaTrans has added data security functionality to encrypt WhatsApp or other photos exported with password. In order to backup WhatsApp Photos to Google Photos on iPhone, make sure that you have the Google Photos app installed on your phone. 4. You can use this method whether youre using WhatsApp for Android or iPhone. Specify compression settings; Step 4. And youre done! You can also learn how to downloadWhatsApp for Desktop here. However, there are some downsides to this method. Digiarty Software is a leading multimedia software provider, delivering easy-to-use and innovative multimedia solutions to users all over the world. Step 4. >>Configuring auto-download [official]. Kindly remind that the guide and tool shared also work perfectly on transferring WhatsApp videos from iPhone to PC. By far, the simplest way of transferring photos from your iPhone to a computer is by using your PCs built-in file explorer. It is free to download, and the process is seamless. As to this post, it will mainly focus on how to transfer WhatsApp photos from iPhone to Windows PC. The right way to back things up is by enabling the Include Videos option, set the Auto Backup to Weekly or Daily at least if you think your data is super precious. No one wants to lose important messages, photos, or any other valuable data. By creatinga backup, it willmakea copy ofyour WhatsApp chat messages. Absolutely not. But remember, including videos in your backup is going to take a serious toll on your iCloud storage allowance, that's the reason I highly recommend investing in more storage. 2022 WCCF TECH INC. All rights reserved. You can download it from here if you haven't already. The default path for exported photo items is: C:\Users\username\Pictures\MediaTrans, which is available to change under Settings. Here's how you can backup WhatsApp chats, photos and videos over to iCloud if you use an iPhone. You can choose an existing folder or create a new one for those files. Besides, iTunes errors on Windows are quite common to encounter with regard to downloading, installing, upgrading or working.

But Whatsapp video converter is needed to convert videos to file formats supported by Whatsapp for sending and sharing with family and friends. In the earlier versions of WhatsApp, it was a headache to backup WhatsApp chat messages and photos, but the newer updates to the app have made it much easier. There are multiple ways to transfer WhatsApp photos using email, and we cant cover all of them here. However, it is easy to be stuck full storage with your iPhone and not having any space to save them on your phone.

And if you have many WhatsApp files to transfer, this method can take a long time. Once the WhatsApp photos are fully sent to computer, you can delete those on iPhone directly by hand. Easily manage files, contacts without having to deal with duplicates. Estrella H. is a senior editor at Digiarty covering all the latest tech in mobile industry for the better part of the first four years, from iPhone, Samsung to other innovative gadgets. How To Transfer All Data From iPhone To Samsung: Check These 4 Ways, How To Add Another Language To Keyboard iPhone: Try These Two Methods, 7 Ways Showing How To Fix Software Update Failed On iOS, How To Do WhatsApp Mute And What Happens When You Do, How To Install Spyware On iPhone Remotely and Android: 3 Methods, How To Read Text Messages From Another Phone Without Them Knowing, If its your first time hooking up your iPhone, or if its the first time in a while, youll be asked whether you trust the computer or not. WhatsApp files are not stored in a specific place on Mac, since you can designate the location when importing media files from your iPhone. Now launch the Google Photos app, and click on the menu in the top left corner. Before you do anything else, double-check that youre logged in using the. iPhones typically store WhatsApp media under the DCIM folder, which you can easily locate with your iPhone file manager or a computers File Explorer. Let us know in the comments below! If you want to know more, check out our extensive coverage in another tutorial article. How to Backup WhatsApp Messages on iPhone, How to Backup And Restore WhatsApp Chat Messages and Photos on iPhone And iPad, How to Change Phone Number Linked to WhatsApp Account. However, since WhatsApp media files can be downloaded to your iPhone, you might run out of space if you use it a lot. WhatsApp is a convenient messaging tool. Home | About | Site Map | Privacy Policy | License Agreement | News | Contact Us | How-tos, Copyright 2022 Digiarty Software, Inc. All rights reserved, How to Transfer WhatsApp Videos from iPhone to Computer, How to Compress a Large/Long Video for WhatsApp, Best Whatsapp Video Converter Windows/Mac. In the past users had to manually copy the app installation files and folders to some safe place on their PC or cloud. Youll find all the WhatsApp Photos and videos in the result. To restore that backup, follow these steps. This way, you can simply navigate to where the media files are located and manually copy them into your PC. Highlight all of these files, and then, Navigate where you want the copied files to be pasted, then hit, Before connecting your iPhone to your Mac, go to your, Once there, scroll to the very bottom until you see the, Under here, youll see two options, Automatic and Keep Originals. UltFone is an industry-leading software developer of PC utility technologies and applications, offering fully integrated solutions for iOS data recovery, Android data recovery, data transfer, iOS system repair, etc.

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